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Live Closer

We’re not willing to stand by and let things go to shit. When everything seems to be pushing further apart, we exist to push back. We exist to bring things closer together. We were sick of giving our money to companies that don’t get it, so we decided to build one that does. A company that actually sweats the small stuff. A company that we could be proud of.

We built Wildist for people like you. People that put in an effort to actually get to know their neighbor. People that are ready to take a closer look at the ingredients. People that are willing to fight to keep the planet we all live on around for a long time.

You’ve got great breath. Your pits smell great.

Go do something you’ll be proud of.


Connection and closeness creates better humans. Our toothpastes and deodorants are top shelf stuff. So, go ahead and bring it in. No, really get close. Feels good, right? A feeling worth fighting for? We think so. We’ll never stop pushing our friends, our government, and our company to be the best version of ourselves.


You should know exactly what goes into the things you put into and on your body everyday. Actually, that’s not enough. You should know why those ingredients are in there too. We’ve got you covered. We built an encyclopedia (coming soon) where you can learn about every. single. thing. that is in our products. Oh, and it’s in plain english too. We think you’ll like what you learn.


What does sustainable mean to you? To us it means using only ethically sourced natural ingredients. It means spending the extra time and money to make the only 100% recyclable, BPA free aluminum tube out there. It means making every single piece of shipping material we send you reusable. Sustainability’s in our DNA, not our marketing strategy.